New Zealand Cadet Corps

The New Zealand Cadet Corps (NZCC), is one of the three corps in the New Zealand Cadet Forces, the other two being the Air Training Corps (ATC), and Sea Cadet Corps (SCC). There is no reference to the Army within the official title of the NZCC, but an army theme is used for the NZCC. All of its members, from the cadets themselves to the officers and the support committees are civilian volunteers. Members have no obligation to head into the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) however some do choose to join the NZDF.



The NZCC, as a component of the New Zealand Cadet Forces, is managed at a national level by the Commandant NZ Cadet Forces (usually a Regular Force Lieutenant-Colonel or equivalent), who is part of Headquarters New Zealand Defence Force staff in Wellington. At community level, The NZCC are represented by the Cadet Corps Association of New Zealand.


Each unit is managed by the Cadet Unit Commander, and his/her officers. There are currently 38 New Zealand cadet Corps Units in New Zealand. To find your nearest unit, use our unit locator.

Uniform and Insignia

The uniform worn by NZCC members is the same as that of the New Zealand Army, except that for all ranks, the lettering on the bottom of the rank insignia shoulder boards reads CADET FORCES rather than NEW ZEALAND to differentiate NZCC personnel from New Zealand Army personnel. Furthermore, NZCC rank insignia are red, a colour no longer used by the New Zealand Army for rank insignia. Officer Service Dress Uniforms have a shoulder flash reading NEW ZEALAND CADET FORCES, rather than NEW ZEALAND for the same reason. The cadets wear a NZCF cap badge (same as NZCC logo) on their beret, Cadets wear their achievements on a shoulder brassard. Officers who were formerly cadets do not wear their cadet awards on the officer uniform.



Every unit holds Parade Nights around 2–3 hours long weekly during School Terms. Each parade night usually begins and ends with a parade. The starting parade is used to inspect uniforms, and to inform the cadets on the parade night's activities. The final parade to inform the cadets on upcoming events in the unit. Between the parades, the cadets undergo classroom, or practical instruction.


Most units conduct classroom training in bushcraft and survival skills, and hold regular Basic and Advanced bushcraft camps in the local area during weekends.


Units conduct regular range training with smallbore rifles. Some units have their own armouries and ranges at their parade hall. Cadets must pass a TOET (Test of Elementary Training) before being allowed on the range. The rifle used at present is the Marlin XT.

Other activities

  • Adventure training
  • Assault courses
  • Drill
  • First-aid/search & rescue/casualty evacuation (CASEVAC)
  • General service knowledge/Cadet force knowledge
  • Initiative
  • Leadership
  • Fieldcraft
  • Navigation
  • Radio procedures
  • Survival
  • Team Work
  • Watermanship
  • Weather reading skills
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