New Zealand Cadet Forces

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Officer Service and Adult Supervisors

Without our Officers, the New Zealand Cadet Forces (NZCF) would not be able to exist. They are the backbone of our organisation and are essential for the proper care and supervision of cadets. Our Officers and Supplementary Staff (Adult supervisors) come from all walks of life and each brings with them personal attributes and leadership qualities that are enriched by working with youth.

Working with youth is a rewarding privilege, and it’s a privilege our Officers and Supplementary Staff enjoy and gain a lot of satisfaction from. The NZCF has a proud history of developing young people into New Zealanders with leadership skills, discipline, and taking the time to nurture values to succeed in life.

Officer floating on pack

Adult membership is on a voluntary basis in one of the following categories: an Officer, an Officer Cadet, or a Supplementary Staff member. Each is slightly different in nature, with differing responsibilities and pathways to being achieved. To understand the roles see the Join Us page to learn more about our Officer, Officer Cadet and Supplementary staff roles and pathways.

Just like the Cadets, Officers also attend weekly Parade Nights and training weekends, however they are used in administration, teaching, planning and development roles, but still get the enjoyment of seeing our cadets succeed and helping them overcome obstacles.

Officers in uniform

Officers are required to attend training courses in health and safety, first aid, equity and diversity, adolescent behaviour, acceptable behaviour, mandatory reporting, duty of care, managerial decision making, youth development philosophies, legal and societal practices and procedures, military etiquette, instructional techniques, and Code of Conduct Training to enable them to be effective leaders for the cadets.

By becoming an Officer you will become part of a nationwide team, and get a chance to develop your own skills as well as help with the development of the cadets skills. You will meet like-minded people who have a passion for supporting the youth of New Zealand, make new friends, experience challenges and enjoy the training opportunities available to you.

Officer giving feedback to cadet

Officers have a number of courses available to them throughout their NZCF careers. These include both leadership (promotion) courses and specific skill training courses. As well as the opportunity to attend the Cadet Courses in an instructional role, and International Exchanges as an escort.

Click here to learn more about the Training Offered to Officers, or how to Join as an Officer.