New Zealand Cadet Forces

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NZCF Organisational Structure

The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) and the New Zealand Cadet Forces (NZCF) work together in a combined structure to deliver the NZCF’s Mission and Core Values.

The NZDF provides 27 Regular Force personnel and six NZDF civilian employees to perform training development, administration and logistics for Cadet Force operations. These operations are commanded from Headquarters NZCF, based at Trentham Military Camp in Wellington.

There are three Cadet Force Training Support Units (CFTSUs), each covering a Cadet Force region and operating from an NZDF establishment. Northern Area CFTSU is based at RNZAF Base Auckland in Whenuapai, Auckland; Central Area CFTSU at RNZAF Base Ohakea near Palmerston North; and Southern Area CFTSU at Burnham Military Camp just South of Christchurch.

The New Zealand Cadet Forces is under the command of the Commandant NZCF, Wing Commander Mark Henderson, RNZAF. The Commandant of the NZCF is given a three-year appointment.

Working alongside the NZDF personnel are NZCF Officers and Senior Cadets from all three Corps appointed to key strategic, operational and tactical positions.

They provide:

See our Headquarters Organisational chart

Branch (Unit) Support Committees

Each individual Cadet Unit has a Branch Support Committee made up of voluntary members of the community, this is often parents and relatives of cadets. This committee assists with fundraising, handles the finances of the unit, organises the maintenance of the facilities and the supply of voluntary labour and resources when required. A Cadet Unit cannot exist without a Branch Support Committee.

Each Branch Support Committee works closely with one of the Recognised Civilian Support Organisations, which are the National body that supports the unit branch and the NZCF.

Recognised Civilian Support Organisations

Sitting alongside the NZCF are three non-profit organizations, the Sea Cadet Corps Association of New Zealand Inc. (SCANZ), the Cadet Corps Association of New Zealand Trust (CCANZ), and the Air Training Corps Association of New Zealand Inc (ATCANZ) that have been appointed by the Chief of the Defence Force (CDF) to provide a supporting role for the Cadet Forces’ management, and support to the Branch Support Committees. All associations have a National Executive and are able work with HQ NZCF directly.

They are responsible for national marketing, liaison with organisations with Cadet Force involvement and additional logistical support. They also represent individual units and their support committees in the Standing Committee of the Cadet Advisory Council and via direct consultation from the Commandant Cadet Forces.

These organisations at local, area and national level help fundraise to support the Units by providing facilities that allow Cadet Force Units to carry out their weekly training, weekend activities and other extracurricular events.

For more information about our Recognised Civilian Support Organisations see

The SEA CADET CORPS ASSOCIATION OF NEW ZEALAND (SCANZ) is there to support local and national civilian interest in the development of the youth of the Sea Cadet Corps (SCC).


The AIR TRAINING CORPS ASSOCIATION OF NEW ZEALAND (ATCANZ) was established for the primary purpose of supporting and promoting the interests of the Air Training Corps (ATC)