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NZCF Training Overview

Aside from all the great experiences you'll have as a cadet, you will also take away training, leadership and discipline skills that will set you apart from the crowd when you head to university or begin your chosen career.

The New Zealand Cadet Forces (NZCF) has a nationally coordinated four year training programme which provides challenges and opportunities that no other organisation can, every Cadet is given the opportunity to gain knowledge and develop skills in a variety of different areas. The training programme is designed to take cadets from a basic or introductory level of knowledge and skills, to an advanced level of knowledge and skills throughout the four year programme in a wide range of areas and subjects.

Cadets will typically learn the theory of each subject on their Parade Night (meeting night), with cadets meeting weekly during the school term, usually in the early evening for three - four hours. Cadet Units will hold weekend activities and camps throughout the year, so that the Cadets can further test and develop their skills in a practical environment.

Our training is broken down into two basic parts- Common Training and Corps Training.

The common training is designed so that every cadet nationwide gets the same level of knowledge. NZCF Common Training includes, but is not limited too:

Each Corps also has some training that is specific to them, and this makes up the Corps training part of our programme:

Throughout their time in the NZCF, cadets will get the opportunity to be involved in Cadet Local and Regional Courses and Competitions as well as activities with other Cadet Units in their Local Area, have the opportunity to apply for International Exchanges and the Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award.

To see what corps of the NZCF is right for you, have a look at each in detail through the image below

Which corps is more your style?

Cadet Forces is made up of three distinct corps, each with its own flavour and unique activities.
Which one suits you best?

Navy Cadets
Navy Cadets
Army Cadets
Army Cadets
Air Cadets
Air Cadets